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The HYPE is Real

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

On October 28th, the Bboy Factory performed at HYPE 90s and 2000s Halloween Party, at Ophelia's in Denver and we have to say, the HYPE is real! What an incredible party. It was a wild celebration with one of our favorite DJs, A-L, on our favorite spooky jamboree night of the year. Complete with great costumes, incredible throwback jams and highlight reel worthy cyphers, the night lived up to its reputation as one of THE top dance parties in Denver.

It has been our absolute pleasure to have worked on countless events with DJ A-L over the past decade, from Art and Soul to SNAP 90's, to Breakin Convention and Red Bull BC One, the first dance parties at Ft Greene, 9 Bboy Factory Anniversaries and countless more events and jams. A-L is always the most professional DJ we work with. His preparation and work ethic are unmatched. On top of that, he is an incredible DJ, a true master of his craft. He has been recognized by LL Cool J, Z Trip, Numark, Kurtis Blow and more as the go to Hip Hop DJ in Denver. But it is his ability to break the mold and play any type of party that makes him so incredible.

That being said, HYPE 90's and 2000's is A-L's wheelhouse and we absolutely love dancing the night away to Goldern Era Hip Hop and R&B every chance we get to rock with him. This Halloween party was downright legendary. Thanks to photographer, Armando Geneyro, we have so many great photos to prove it. The music was booming over a party crowd on the brink of debauchery all night. The costumes were epic with a crowd full of classic characters and fantasy personalities.

When the moment was right, the Bboy Factory opened up the cyphers and lit up the dance floor. Dressed as a Devil, a skeleton, a life guard and the cat in the hat our crew had the crowd erupting in cheer and outbursts of amazement. With the perfect tracks playing the synergy of the moment, music, dance, and party all came to a pitch, perfectly vibrating together. As the cypher closed and the dance party enveloped the floor we felt the rush of another incredible night and let loose with the revelry surrounding us. Everywhere we looked were smiling villains, ghouls and pop icons celebrating a night of fantasy and escapism.

We continued to dance and party the night away not unaware of the incredible work it takes to curate these events. For years, we have witnessed A-L put everything into creating the perfect dance parties. And while this past Halloween HYPE party will go down as another legendary night at Ophelia's, we are already excited for the next one. A-L and crew will be switching gears with a perfectly timed strictly R&B edition of HYPE this November 22nd, Thanksgiving Eve. The Halloween party sold out quick, so be sure to pick up your tickets before its too late:

HYPE Party is a throwback, but it's so much more than that. It is a night to let loose, to revel in the music and the crowd. It is the opportunity to allow great music to take over and enjoy the present moment with Denver's best DJs on the best dance floor in town. We are blessed to have been a part of the story and excited keep the party going with all of our dance community. See you there!

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