Bboy Factory became the first ever Breakin' studio in Colorado when it opened its doors in April 2012. Since then we have worked hard to maintain our reputation as one of the top Breakin' studios in the country. We are much more than just a dance studio. We are a Hip Hop cultural and community center. 

Youth Programs

Since opening in 2012, our youth programs have been designed to empower young minds through artistic creativity, physical health and mental confidence. Through Breakin' and Hip Hop arts we hope to inspire kids to realize their full potential and chase their dreams. Our students have performed in professional shows like Breakin' Convention at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, competed in World Championships like the World Youth Championship and have won local and national competitions including the Competitive Breakin League National Teen Championship. 

Community Service
Our studio provides 10-15 hours every week of open community practice space for dancers to unite and share at a grassroots level. Our instructors are involved in community outreach at many levels: through the Denver Public School System, the U.S. Embassy and in collaboration with the non profit organization No Easy Props. Founder, Ian Flaws, is the sitting VP on the USA Breakin' board of directors, which is a non profit organization working to develop governance for Breakin' as a DanceSport in the United States and create a national team to represent at international events such as the Paris 2024 Olympics.
Elite Workshops and Guest Artists

Bboy Factory has hosted an incredible list of workshop teachers, resident instructors and guest artists: Mr. Wiggles, Eddie Styles, Emiko, Iron Monkey, Remind, Crumbs, Rennie Harris, Thesis, Ronnie, Nasty Ray, Moy, Ruen, Born, Wicked, Smoke, Lil John, Rennie Harris, Profo Won, Rob Nasty, Zulu Gremlin, Roxrite, YNot, Kwikstep, Stuntman, AGame, Artson, Quali-D, Pandora, Alien Ness, RandM, Ken Swift, Ill Kosby, Ivan the Urban Action Figure, AsiaOne, Victor, Henry Link, Brian Green, Stripes, Whacko,Venum, Benny Kimoto, Salah, Neguin, Menno, Wicket, Niek, Caleaf, Casper, Antoinette Gomis and Femme Fatale. DJs: Breakbeat Lou, Soulrane, Skeme Richards, Fleg, Quantum, A-L, Tony Tone, Ervin Arana, Mista Sinista and Foxx Boogie. Graffiti Artists: Focus, Swek, East, Taste, Beasto, Detour and Doves.

The Bboy Factory provides many services beyond our weekly scheduled classes. Book us to: perform at parties and events // to host your child's birthday party // to create custom graffiti art projects // for private coaching and instruction // studio rental space // enrichment and afterschool programs and more...