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Bboy Factory is Colorado's original Breakin studio. Since April of 2012, we have maintained a reputation as one of the premier Breakin studio in the nation. We are also a Hip Hop cultural and community center and have been called a Denver institution. When you visit, you will be surrounded by graffiti and Hip Hop memorabilia. Our dance programs are taught from the same perspective, emphasizing the cultural significance of the dance. We believe that the aesthetic of Hip Hop is key to developing elite Bboys and Bgirls.


Our programs are designed to empower young minds and build confidence through creativity, physical strength and mental toughness. Breakin is a difficult dance and by training to excel at it we teach our students to chase their dreams. Our students have performed in international shows such as Breakin' Convention at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and Red Bull BC One. We have qualified for the Youth Olympics, competed in the World Youth Championships, won a National Championship and multiple local and regional Championships. 




We regularly host World Class guest workshops and resident teachers. Over the years we have hosted hundreds of workshops with notable names including (not limited to): Mr. Wiggles, Remind, Rennie Harris, Ronnie, Moy, Born, Roxrite, Neguin, Menno, Lil John, Zulu Gremlin, Asia One, YNot, Kwikstep, Alien Ness, Ken Swift, Ivan the Urban Action Figure, Victor, Henry Link, Brian Green, Venum, Stripes, Whacko, Salah, the Ruggeds, Benny Kimoto, Casper, Wicket, Caleaf, Kapela, Jardy Santiago, Femme Fatale, etc. We have matched that effort by connecting with DJs and artists to curate world class events at our studio and throughout Denver. This effort helps our students understand the global level of the dance. 


Today, Bboy Factory is still Colorado's top Breakin studio. We continue to provide elite coaching for our students and community. In addition to our class programs, we donate 10 hours a week of open practice space to our community. Our youth team is developing new generations of Breakers and continues to be recognized nationally and internationally. Breakin is scheduled to be included in the 2024 Olympics and is growing worldwide. We are proud to be a part of that story and encourage you to get involved by registering for classes today!

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