Boy Factory Scholarships

Bboy Factory has always been dedicated to providing quality Breakin' education that is accessible for all. However, we recognize that not every family can afford to register their children for weekly dance classes. We have offered over 10 hours of free open practice space every week for over 8 years to ensure that anyone can use our studio. But, practices are not a viable substitute for classes, especially for youth who want to excel in this dance form.

To help ensure we are inclusive to all demographics and not excluding students who can not afford to pay our registration fees, we have started a scholarship program. For $300 a quarter we are able to provide one student with a weekly registration class in the studio and one additional "drop in" class in the studio or virtually via zoom. Our goal is to provide 4 students every quarter with a scholarship opportunity and to grow that number by one student every quarter. 

We will match every $150 we raise in order to provide these scholarships. We are now accepting applications for scholarship students as well as starting a fundraising campaign to cover the registration fees for our scholarship students. Please email us to apply by following our contact link. Students must be 18 years or younger and will commit to attending weekly classes for the full quarter in which they recieve a scholarship. 


If you would like to contribute to our fundraiser please do so by following the link below to our gofundme page:

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