Battle of the Rockies


USA Breakin's Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifying Event

Youth 1vs1 / Teen 1vs1 / Adult Bgirl 1vs1 / Adult Bboy 1vs1

To Register for Competition:

1. Join USA BREAKIN' at

2. Read Rules and Regulations for athletes

3. Pay your $10 submission fee through the link below

No Refunds. Travel Expenses to the Battle of the Rockies not included.

All prelims will be in person on the day of the event. 

Spectators will be limited to each 60 capacity for each division of competition.


Heat 1: 12am - 1:30pm

Heat 2: 1:30pm - 3pm

Heat 3: 3pm - 5:30pm 

Heat 4: 5:30pm - 7pm